As the world’s technological bases improve so does the need of data and digitalisation. We believe that the maturity of an organisation can improve 3-4 folds by having digital technologies. The fundamental of working in an ecosystem with right technologies allows businesses not only to transform internally but also increases intimacy with its clients. The digital world allows flexibility and safe ground for harbouring innovative solutions focusing on internal and external stakeholders.

Our teams strive to work with organisations to create digital footprint across its operations by using fit for purpose solutions. We also work in alliances with some of the world’s leading application platforms.

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Business Strategies

Functional Strategies

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Business Ops & Excellence

IT Services
IT Security

Technology Strategies

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Data Architecture

  • Conceptual & Logical Data Modelling

  • Data Dictionary

  • DFDs

  • Meta Data Model

  • CRUD

  • Data standardisation

Technology Architecture

  • Portfolio assessment

  • Roadmaping & Built


Information Systems

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Data Management & Analytics

  • Data management approach

  • Data management design

  • Data governance design & implementation

  • Data migration & ELT

  • Data warehousing & Mart

  • Advance analytics

ERP Implementation

  • Solution design architecture

  • Data warehousing & BI

  • Module integrations

Cloud Solution Implementations

  • Workday (Financials and HR)

  • MS Dynamics

  • Robotics Automation Processing

  • SAP & Oracle

Product & Application Development

Incubator and/or R&D

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Disruption & Innovations

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Machine learning

  • Blockchain

  • Internet of things

  • Sector convergence


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