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Black Water

Who are we?

Value Chain management is an innovative business consultancy that [pragmatically] works with people and businesses at human level. Our aim is to understand, improve and optimise organisations unique value chains through an end to end lens. 

We are firm believers in the fact that change does not always mean ‘out with the old and in with the new’. Where the global market focuses on new disruptions and ever-changing demand - we aim to combine an organisation's existing value chain and complement it with the right change by working with their people, process, data and technology and its alignment to its core business strategy.

Our experienced leaders have in-depth experience in specialist areas, and we combined the power of those differences into horizontal and vertical working mechanisms to provide the next level of improvement that is relevant and impactful. 

Having empathy and substance at the core of our values, we take pride in working with our clients from within and not as external advisors. Our success is based on quality, integrity and transparency. of how we operate. Our differences are not limited to experiences but is also a core part of our thinking is to bring diversity from every angle.